Why you should try Olympic weightlifting

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen some strange videos of me throwing a loaded barbell overhead. "What are you doing?" you might ask. "Oh, just weightlifting", I would

Afraid to get bulky by lifting weights?

First off, you're not alone. There is constant and immense pressure on women from all directions to conform to beauty standards. The desire to look attractive (which in our culture, also means being

Is high volume training killing your gains?

Almost everyone falls into what I call the "volume trap" at some point in their training journey. Initially, they discover that they can do more exercises, more sets, or more sessions per week

Is fasted exercise right for women?

The practice of fasted exercise – in particular, cardiovascular exercise first thing in the morning – has rapidly risen in popularity. Proponents argue that training before breakfast teaches the body to burn more fat as

Why I quit CrossFit

I first built up the courage to step into a CrossFit gym in 2015, at the early age of 22. I was brand new to the world of fitness, having never so much